Vitay Golz

Vitay Golz is in the field of Banking Compliance Consultancy bringing his experience and expertise to strengthen institutions in the fight against Financial Crime and Counter Terrorism Financing. After his military service in combat field intelligence reconisense unit, Vitay Golz studied at Reichmann University in Israel, specialising in National Security, Counter Terrorism, Terrorism Financing and Cyber Crime. He gained his first professional experiences by taking part in research project at the International Institute for Counter Terrorism (ICT) requested by the Israeli Minister of Défense and while working for Israel’s Défense Exhibition (ISDEF). Before his current role, Vitay Golz joined Germany’s biggest fintech unicorn N26 in Berlin. He led the establishment and formation of the Bank’s Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and was the in-house point of contact for Counter Terrorism Financing and special cases as Senior Associate at the Advisory Intelligence and Standarts team as part of the Bank Compliance Department.

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